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faultfree uganda is a team of dedicated and experienced tour guides experts in wildlife safaris, birding, gorilla and primate tracking,excursions, roadtrips camping , research lessons
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The True Pearl of Africa Adventure is with Faultfree Uganda

Murchison falls
tour with us for remarkable scenes

The True Pearl of Africa Adventure starts with Faultfree Uganda

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We have all types of cars you need.let it be distance, group or purpose, we have you covered

At Murchison falls

All our tour packages are tailored depending on your adventure.

faultfree uganda *the true escence of tourism*

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FaultFree uganda is incoperated to do Tours and safaris in uganda and the world atlarge, its is a first-class tour operator in uganda based in entebbe , with the motto “explore the world from within.” 

FaultFree Tours and safaris has a strong reputation, having been around since 2012.

Touring and travelling with Faultfree company; you will enjoy small groups, cultural experiences, road trips and local feelings traveling in comfort and ease.

we do tours to ugandas best and commonly known tourism sites like lake mburo national park, semiliki national park, murchison falls national park, bwindi impenetrable forests, queen elizabeth national park, virunga national park, mgahinga national park, 

lake bunyonyi, sipi falls, mt elgon, rwenzori mountains, ssese island on lake victoria, zziwa rhinoes, lake katwe, mafuga forest, buganda kingdom batwa,kidepo valley national park,jinja source of the nile, kazinga channel


FaultFree Tours and safaris involve comfortable transportation and accommodation. Nearly all meals during the tour are included. Your trips often include free time during which you can explore on your own, with suggestions from our expert guides. Our experts work hand in hand with you so that you can explore copiously and travel wherever you want to travel in Uganda.  

All our Prices are competitive and favorable. They are designed to be mid-budget friendly.

All travelers’ Luggage is transported from point to point on all of your active tours, leaving you the freedom to relax and enjoy the tour experience.

Tailored tour packages

Fault Free Tours and travel is a team of dedicated and highly experienced tour and travel experts. Being the most established Tour and Travel operator in Uganda, Fault Free offers a variety of tour packages ie wildlife tours,eco-tours, primate tracking and trekking, mountain tours, birding roadtrips, boat cruises and exursions among others


Queen Elizabeth National Park

It’s a few hours’ drive southwest of the Uganda’s capital and largest city, Kampala. It covers both Kasese and Bushenyi. Humid forests and sparkling lakes

You will enjoy game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park to search for lions, elephants, antelopes, and buffaloes. kazinga channel trip with lots of birds visible from the boat, chimp tracking and equator circles at the north tip of the park

Murchison Falls National Park

It is one of the most important national parks of Uganda.covering awider range of two regions,with its instantly flowing river forming the murchison falls it makes it favourable for excursions,sport fishing, hiking.

Enjoy viewing of indigenous wildlife including African forest elephants, lions, giraffes, African buffalos, kobs, crocodiles, waterbucks, oribis, bohor reedbucks, baboons, warthogs and a variety of monkey species.

Source of Nile and Bujagali Falls

River Nile it is the second longest river in the world. Its source originates from Jinja district of Uganda as it continues flowing northwards to egypt.safari to jinja involves an eco tour in the mabira forests along the way

This package involves activities like source of the nile experience, hiking, boat exursions, White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, bird watching, biking, community walks,exhibitions and nightlife experience.

Bwindi impenetrable NP/tracking

The steep valleys and rainforests that make up the bwindi impenetrable stand suitable for habouring the gorrillas hence making it the best for gorrilla tracking,

In the buhoma and rushaga that habitates that gorrilla largest groups and not limited to occassional visiting elephants.

The nkuringo spectacular view of the virunga volcanoes,forest walks nature walks and birding in the big swamps.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorrilla National Park is located in Kisoro district. 

The main activity you will carry out is Gorilla tracking.

You will also enjoy Game viewing/primate viewingBesides the mountain gorillas.

other animals found in the park include; buffaloes, elephants, bushbucks and the threatened golden monkey among others.

Lake Bunyonyi

It was formed 10,000 years ago when ariver was dammed by lava.its made up of agreat number of islands,nyuyeera common known as Dr sharps island.

He turned it into a botanical garden with tennis court guest cottage and windmill,bwama it was anti colonial rebel base of leader KATUREGYE in 1914,Dr sharp in 1921 formed a hosipital for leprocy after the introduction of anti leprocy later turned into a boarding school in 1980

entebbe insights/ Lake Victoria

Lake victoria is the worldest freshest water body, second largest in the world and africas largest, it covers three east african countries uganda,kenya and tanzania. 

It is made up of several islands including ngamba island, ssese island,the victoria trip is best known for primate, nature walks, boat cruises,swimming, sun set, birding, fishing and world class accomodation facilities, it habours the oldest shoebill in the mabamba swamps.

Kampala Trip One Day

It is Uganda’s capital city made up of seven hills, namirembe, rubaga, nsambya, mengo, kibuli, nakasero,makerere.

The trip consists cultural tours ( buganda kingdom and ndere cultural center), uganda museum, community home visits, art and craft galleries, recreational centers,kasubi tombs,golf courses,cathedrals,uganda matyrs shrine,gadafi mosque,kabakas man made lake, slums,stadiums, markets,shopping malls.

Due to the high demand for budget accommodation from our clients we have set up a bed and breakfast facilities i.e faultfree safari lodge and dominos safari motel to cover up; at our premises, we offer best budget prices to fit your expenses, our rooms are self contained, with double beds and tv sets, free Wi-fi, and bar serving you with all types of drinks and LIVE football in HD, 24/7 ON site security, Decide between self-catering, bed and breakfast or hotel accommodation, we can assist you with the best choices
We do offer free airport transfers(0nly pick ups)  to our guests, we are located 5minutes drive from Entebbe international airport.


Uganda has got the highest world gorrilla percentage and these are best habitated in the bwindi impenetrable forests, for any traveler/ tourist wishing to do carry tracking as part of the itenary he/she is supposed to book for agorilla tracking per 2-3 months prior to the tracking day because gorilla tracking permits are on high demand and hence making the permits scarce on market.

each permit is $700 per person per day and are only acquired from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (U.W.A).

We at faultfree tours & safaris  we can help you book your permit in time and lead you to tracking sites.


Lions are the king of the jungles but are not commonly found in all jungles, in uganda lions are best seen in QUEEN ELIZABETH N.P and MURCHISON FALLS N.P from here tourists can either track the lions during amorning game drive and an evening drive.

lions are the most threate to the animals in the game parks, kill animals mostly for food and the most victims are small animals like antelopes.


Murchison falls National park

bwindi impenetrable forests

lake mburo national park

kidepo valley N.P

Zziwa rhinoes

Jjinja source of the nile

queen elizabeth NP

Lake Bunyonyi

Kampala city

Mbamba swamp entebbe

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