Pick up all travelers from either hotel or their point of arrival, then get set for the journey to murchison falls national park the next day and set off day and time is determined by the travelers time of arrival.the journey to murchison falls starts at 7:00pm. breakfast and lunch is had amidst the journey and baically we take lunch at KABALEGA RESTAURANT at KAFU, and this activity runs for 1 and half hour then after proceed with the journey via MASINDI TOWN (SOUTHERN GATE OF THE PARK) at the gate payments and registrations are done,then continue driving inside the park and as we drive inside the park a visit to the top of the falls is a must and here the activity runs for 40 mins and then head to the reserved accomodation for resting , dinner and spend the rest of the night.


At exactly 9;00am after breakfast travelers get on board to take a boat cruise and exursion on river nile towards the bottom of the falls and during this activity also some wild animals are easily and the activity takes 3 hours and then back for lunch as ordered earlier then at exactly 2:00pm travelers go for an evenning game drive and which also lasts for 3 hours and the back to the accomodation facility to rest and spend a night.


travelers can decide to have amorning drive as to see some animals that they might have not been at their sight and maybe believed to appear during morning hours and then Return journey out of the park for another destination and this maybe zziwa rhinoes or some other destination as the package maybe tailored.