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Our Tours and Safari Services/Activities

Camping & bond fires

Faultfree Uganda we organise camping tours and safaris in that we have all camping accessories depending on the travelers description i.e tents, chairs, beds, stoves, flash lights name it.we have access to camping grounds and travelers are entitled to all camping activities.

water Rafting

White water rafting is one of the major activities practiced by tourists in Uganda, its basically enjoyed on River Nile in the east(Jinja).From here tourists also experience the Source of the NILE

Primate tracking & trekking

Its the ugandas most favourite tourism activity,to track Gorrillas in BWINDI IMPENETRABLE FORESTS AND CHIMPS IN KIBALE NATIONAL PARK,avariety of red tailed monkeys,colobus monkeys and olive baboons.

sport fishing

Ugandas fresh lakes rivers and swamps are blessed with a variety of fish species and this can be witnessed by toursits through practicing sport fishing, i.e. tilipia, nile patch, cat fish among others

Mountain climbing

This is best done in the Elgon mountains in mbale eastern uganda, kilimanjaro and mt. Rwenzori in the southwest to snow peaks.


uganda is aland blessed with fresh and calm water bodies hence favouring tourist to do boat cruises and exursions on rivers and lakes without limit and his is best enjoyed on river Nile, lake Victoria and lake Bunyonyi among others